Cross Module Analytics is a solution that solves the critical problems SAP ERP users deal with every day.

Cross Module Analytics is an affordable, pre-configured and easy to implement analytics platform that delivers pre-built reporting & analysis applications for SAP ERP users – immediately intuitive.

What are the critical issues that SAP ERP users are facing?

Most SAP ERP users use a combination of module-based reporting & analytics and Complex Data Warehouse Solutions, and as such there are limitations.

  • SAP reports are limited to data from single modules
  • SAP reports can be very slow to execute
  • Alternate reporting/analytics solutions are very expensive
  • Alternate solutions are complex and require excessive time to implement, modify and maintain

Our Cross Module Analytics solution was developed to address these issues.

User- focussed

Applications are built for specific user-centric cases – these are applications that users want.

Fast & Affordable

Time-to-Value = FAST (weeks vs. months)
Cost is a fraction of BI alternatives.


Fewer Reporting Constraints

Apps specifically address reporting gaps and leverage data from across SAP modules and tables.

Cross Module Analytics delivers a better, faster, and more cost effective way to help SAP users make decisions.

  • Set up in less than 20 days
  • Cross modular SAP Analytics
  • Procurement, MRP, Finance and Sales suites of applications
  • Based on SAP best practices & processes
  • Ready-to-use with SAP; customised to your business needs
  • Industry leading Business Intelligence reporting and analytics
  • Locally installed or hosted on the cloud

CMA is powered by the Qlik platform and includes two important components:

  1. A data acquisition and management platform which gathers and combines your complex SAP data;
  2. Pre-configured, purpose-built dashboard applications, designed specifically for SAP users to interact with multiple SAP modules.


    By leveraging Qlik’s associative data engine, the CMA platform is able to combine data from different modules within SAP so users can interact with information in a single CMA application that previously would require SAP report development (ABAP)…or would require other technology components that can easily cost 10 times as much.

Cross Module Analytics was developed by our SAP experts and industry leaders in Data Analytics, Pomerol Partners. This expertise and experience, provides SAP users with an affordable, easy to implement analytics platform that is immediately intuitive for SAP users.