We set ourselves apart through our company culture – appreciated by our employees, our partners and our clients.


Conessent Consulting GmbH
Hofgut Holzmühle
D-67368 Westheim
T: +49 (0)7274 9692 690
E: info@conessent.com

Conessent GmbH is located at Hofgut Holzmühle, a 500 year old farm and mill in Westheim, Germany. Surrounded by forest and green meadows, our location is very telling about our company culture and values. Very much like our business relations, we connect and engage with people through specific and purposeful choices – which is why we chose out headquarters at Hofgut Holzmühle.Our people are proud to deliver nothing less than exceptional service – through commitment, loyalty, honesty, reliability, responsibility, seriousness and openness.


Conessent LLC
2764 Pleasant Road, #11433
Fort Mill, South Carolina
United States
T: +1 973 714 6994
E: amy.hendricks@conessent.com

Conessent LLC founded in 2015 is based out of Charlotte, NC. As well as being centrally located with good transport links to the rests of the Untied States, Charlotte is home to numerous industrial giants and Fortune 500 companies. 

Conessent has built its reputation on practical, relevant SAP® solutions.

Our beautiful location in Pfalz, Germany

We are pleased to welcome you to our unique and very peaceful location in the quiet Pfalz Forest in South West Germany (Westheim) – near the Rhine between Mannheim and Karlsruhe, about an hour away from Frankfurt.