The central performance parameters in the automotive industry continue to adapt worldwide. This affects costs, quality, production processes, supply chains, management expertise as well as the return on investment.
As a result of this competitive equality, enterprises demand new differentiation strategies in order to guarantee future success.

With an in-depth understanding of business requirements, we are able to create integrated solutions that add real value for automotive OEM’s, importers and dealers world-wide.

With our expertise in the areas of IT, Business, as well as Communication, we take a holistic approach to our clients’ needs and provide the right tools to optimize business processes:

  • Work in partnership with other suppliers in the value chain
  • Operate and innovate ahead of the competition
  • Manufacture resourcefully and cost-effectively
  • Meet compliance and EH&S regulations

Processes and functions:

  • Project structures including phases, checklists, items and (sub-) tasks to support the complete process up from sales release until start of production (SOP)
  • Integration with SAP PS and DMS
  • Program charter and contract data (volumes)
  • Risk charts
  • Work lists including export/import to/from MS Excel
  • Quality gate reviews
  • Manufacturing engineering reviews
  • Milestones control
  • Dynamic screens and dashboards
  • Creation of Adobe and BW Reports