About Us

Conessent consultants have more than 60 years combined knowledge of specific industries – automotive, retail, FMCG, and logistics.

With our expertise in the areas of IT, Business, and Communication, we take a holistic approach to our clients’ needs and are capable to approach solutions from the business side and not just the technical side. Whether it be business or organisational issues, SAP implementations, expansions or upgrades of projects, we can share with you our extensive professional advice, competency and reliability to see it through to a successful conclusion.

Highly Experienced

All of our consultants have more than 10 years experience in SAP Implementations, and are highly qualified and competent to embark on the most complex and challenging projects.

Holistic Approach

We are capable of approaching our clients needs from the business side, and not just the technical side, with the proven ability to communicate with our clients CFO’s and CEO’s level.

Global Expertise

Our experience in industries such as automotive, media, pharmaceutical, retail, logistics and telecommunications have given us a deeper insight and knowledge to be valuable business partners.

Client Focused

In addition to our uncompromising customer orientation, we have a tremendous teamwork ethic. We integrate your employees into the project from the beginning onwards to ensure full integration and inclusion of the client and also ensure smooth introduction of new solutions.

Our People

Dr Frank Rothhaas

Dr Frank Rothhaas

Frank Rothhaas is Managing Director of Conessent, a global business and SAP consultancy, based in Germany. Frank provides a global team leadership and project management role for their clients on all aspects of consultancy – from roadmap design to technology selection and solution architecture. Having spent 15 years in business process improvement, system design and integration in complex ERP environments, Frank has provided solutions to numerous large and mid-size companies across the globe, specializing in electronics, media, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and logistics. Frank holds a Ph.D. in Information Management and Business Informatics from the University of Mannheim in Germany.

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Reinhard Müller

Reinhard Müller

Reinhard Müller studied Business Administration at the University of Paderborn, before specializing in SAP. Reinhard has extensive SAP and market knowledge, having overseen the implementation of projects carried out for the most demanding companies. He is a well-regarded industry expert on migration to SAP platforms in the retail, automotive and telecommunications sectors.

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Harald Fritz

Harald Fritz

Harald Fritz is senior SAP project manager and partner at Conessent, focusing on telecommunication and automotive clients, who require an overall experience in project, portfolio and investment management (PPM, IM/PS). He has carried out projects for various international companies, bringing his expertise and knowledge of complex design, implementation and migration challenges gained in over a decade of managing SAP projects. Harald studied economics and engineering with focus on production technology at the University of Karlsruhe (KIT).

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Amy Hendricks

Amy Hendricks

Amy Hendricks brings over fifteen years of SAP and business experience with a focus on accounting & finance. She has extensive cross-functional knowledge including manufacturing, distribution, and procurement. Amy specializes in month end optimization and global process improvement. Amy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Pfeifer University and has completed numerous continuing education courses. Amy is responsible for Conessent LLC in the United States.

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SAP® experts with 15+ years experience

in business process improvement, system design & integration in complex ERP environments across the globe.

What can we do for you?

We are committed to providing you with the best, tailored solutions to strengthen your business today and into the future. Focusing on your individual requirements and business issues, we deliver intelligent consulting with insightful ideas, creative solutions and targeted measures – ready to implement, ready to add value!

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